All applications for Student Housing are made online, on our website The application  form is under “Application” on the left margin.  Students can apply all year around. All students can apply.  

Waiting lists

Please note that waiting lists may change due to:

  • Continued rental goes in the front of the line and fall of the waiting list when contract has been signed.
  • Memebership schools go in the front of the line after continued rentals
  • Transfers within the system go to every third place on the list
  • Other schools go after the membership schools
  • Foreign students go after other schools

Housing allocation

Housing allocations are for one year at a time. 
Allocations are made according to the Student Housing Allocation Rules (see rules under Applications). Office of Byggingafélag Námsmanna send applicants email notification regardsing allocation or number on the waiting list. Application must be confirmed between 1 and 5 of every month. Allocations all year round.

Lease/Rental Agreement/Fees

Having been issued housing; the applicant must sign a lease before moving in. 
Contracts are made for one year at time and are then renewed if all requirements are fulfilled (see rules undir applications).  
If contract is not renewed with in the time limits he/she will forfeit the right to renew the contract.  
To finish signing the contract applicant must present school confirmation and a guarantee that equals three months of rent. The guarantee can either be paid to Byggingafélag Námsmanna or get bank guarantee. Please note that the guarantee does not cover rent for the last months but is returned at the end of the renting period, after auditing the apartment/room and all payments have been made. Email has to be sent to to get the bank guarantee or the deposit back.

  • For an extra copy of the contract, tenant pays 1.000 ISK.
  • Processing fee for each contract period and for contract extension is 5.000 ISK
  • Transfer fee between apartments is 12.500 ISK
  • Extra housekey costs 3.000 ISK and extra postkey costs 1.500 ISK.
  • If you need to have a caretaker let you in to your room/apartment of out office hours (9-15 on weekdays), you wil be charged 10.000 ISK on your next bill.

Dear new tenants

We would like to welcome you to our student housing units and would like to point out a few things :

  • Please remember to put your name on your postbox as soon as you move in
  • No smoking/vaping is allowed inside the units. If you do so the whole unit will be painted at your expenses.
  • Please note noise regulations – no noise from midnight until 7 am.

Please respect your neighbours and surroundings and keep everything clean.

Moving in

The day before moving in it´s best you send email to and ask about when you can come to our office and get your keys. Do not forget you only have a week for your comments about the apartment – they can only go under „Condition statement“. If something needs repairs you also need to put in a „Request“ and our caretaker will take a look at the problem.

Apartment equipments

All BN apartents come unfurnished but in Bjarkavellir, Klausturstígur, Kapellustígur and Skipholt comes a small fridge. RU apartments in Nauthólsvegur are also unfurnished but come with a fridge. RU rooms come with some furniture and a fridge.

Resignation and moving out

Three months before you contract ends you get an automail from BN about whether you would like to renew or resign your contract. You have ten days to go to your homepage and ask for renewal or resign. The resignation is three months and starts counting at the end of the month. If you would like to shorten that time you can send request on to and ask for that. We will inform you when you can return your keys if it´s possible.

Return of keys

  • The unit must be cleaned. Also the walls and the ceiling need to cleaned.
  • Don´t forget the stove and oven and the grids that come with it.You need to defrost the fridge and clean behind – do not leave it unplugged.
  • You need to clean the fan and change the filter – you can buy it for example from Ormsson in Ármúli (
  • In the bathroom you need to remember to clean the shower, the glass and also the drain in the shower and under the sink.
  • Please make sure all the light bulbs are working. For the small ones under the kitchen cabinets you can find the bulbs in Ikea or Rafkaup for example.
  • Make sure you return all the keys.

Rent benefits

Tenants in all apartments owned by Byggingafélag Námsmanna can apply for rent benefit if their contract is for 6 months or more. Students have to apply for the rent benefits on their own, on