All applications for Student Housing are made online, on our website The application  form is under “Application” on the left margin.  Students can apply all year around. All students can apply.  

Waiting lists

Please note that waiting lists may change due to:

  • Continued rental goes in the front of the line and fall of the waiting list when contract has been signed.
  • Memebership schools go in the front of the line after continued rentals
  • Transfers within the system go to every third place on the list
  • Other schools go after the membership schools
  • Foreign students go after other schools

Housing allocation

Housing allocations are for one year at a time. Exchange students can have contracts for one semester if their courses are only one semester.  
Allocations are made according to the Student Housing Allocation Rules (see rules under Applications). Office of Byggingafélag Námsmanna send applicants email notification regardsing allocation or number on the waiting list. Application must be confirmed between 1 and 5 of every month. Allocations all year round.

Lease/Rental Agreement/Fees

Having been issued housing; the applicant must sign a lease before moving in. 
Contracts are made for one year at time and are then renewed if all requirements are fulfilled (see rules undir applications). 
If contract is not renewed with in the time limits he/she will forfeit the right to renew the contract.  
To finish signing the contract applicant must present school confirmation and a guarantee that equals three months of rent. The guarantee can either be paid to Byggingafélag Námsmanna or get bank guarantee. Please note that the guarantee does not cover rent for the last months but is returned at the end of the renting period, after auditing the apartment/room and all payments have been made. Email has to be sent to to get the bank guarantee or the deposit back.

  • For an extra copy of the contract, tenant pays 1.000 ISK.
  • Processing fee for each contract period and for contract extension is 5.000 ISK
  • Transfer fee between apartments is 12.500 ISK
  • Extra housekey costs 3.000 ISK and extra postkey costs 1.500 ISK.
  • If you need to have a caretaker let you in to your room/apartment of out office hours (9-15 on weekdays), you wil be charged 10.000 ISK on your next bill.


The contract is signed after the tenant has sent in their school papers and depost. If you have arrived in Iceland and have icelandic social security number, icelandic phone number and bank account you can get electronic ID on your phone from your bank. Then it´s possible to sign the contracts online at 

Dear new tenants

We would like to welcome you to our student housing units and would like to point out a fewthings :

  • Please remember to put your name on your postbox as soon as you move in
  • No smoking/vaping is allowed inside the units. If you do so the whole unit will be painted at your expenses.
  • Please note noise regulations – no noise from midnight until 7 am.

Please respect your neighbours and surroundings and keep everything clean.

Moving in

The day before moving in it´s best you send email to and ask about when you can come to our office and get your keys. Do not forget you only have a week for your comments about the apartment – they can only go under „Condition statement“. If something needs repairs you also need to put in a „Request“ and our caretaker will take a look at the problem.


Please submit all repair requests through the home area and a supervisor will look into the issue. It is important to select "Can work", but there are the options "Choose a time" or "No one at home". The supervisors will then contact you to book an appointment in consultation with the tenants or check in when they are available.

Apartment equipments

All BN apartents come unfurnished but in Bjarkavellir, Klausturstígur, Kapellustígur and Skipholt comes a small fridge. RU apartments in Nauthólsvegur are also unfurnished but come with a fridge. RU rooms come with some furniture and a fridge.

Resignation and moving out

Three months before you contract ends you get an automail from BN about whether you would like to renew or resign your contract. You have ten days to go to your homepage and ask for renewal or resign. The resignation is three months and starts counting at the end of the month. If you would like to shorten that time you can send request on to and ask for that. We will inform you when you can return your keys if it´s possible.

Return of keys

  • The unit must be cleaned. Also the walls and the ceiling need to cleaned.
  • Don´t forget the stove and oven and the grids that come with it.You need to defrost the fridge and clean behind – do not leave it unplugged.
  • You need to clean the fan and change the filter – you can buy it for example from Ormsson in Ármúli (
  • In the bathroom you need to remember to clean the shower, the glass and also the drain in the shower and under the sink.
  • Please make sure all the light bulbs are working. For the small ones under the kitchen cabinets you can find the bulbs in Ikea or Rafkaup for example.
  • Make sure you return all the keys.

For details regarding payment methods for students

  • As soon as you arrive to Iceland you need to apply for an ID number or „kennitala“
  • When you get your kennitala you open an Icelandic bank account
  • When you have your Icelandic bank account and the kennitala, you send the kennitala to us at
  • Your rent bill will appear in your Icelandic online bank and you will pay your rent there. Due date is seven days after it is issued. If your bill is not paid within the seven-day due date your bill will acquire late payment penalty.
  • Please note that we do not accept any transfer of payment regarding rent. It must be paid through the Icelandic bank.

Rent benefits

Tenants in all apartments owned by Byggingafélag Námsmanna can apply for rent benefit if their contract is for 6 months or more. Students have to apply for the rent benefits on their own, on 


When apartments are returned

An apartment needs to be cleaned in the traditional way. The walls and ceiling need to be washed.

Floor cloths should be washed and treated, parquet floors should be washed well.

Cooker and baker's oven must be cleaned well, both inside and outside, together with accessories, e.g. frames and drawers. The fridge needs to be defrosted and cleaned well, including the back. It is best to have it connected and running when returning.

The fan should be opened and cleaned inside and the filter replaced. Filter is available e.g. at Ormsson's in Ármúla.

Sanitary appliances, faucets and faucets should be cleaned well with suitable materials and cleaned of silicon. It is good to have a rubber scraper to regularly rinse the shower cabin with cold water and thus keep it clean.

It is necessary to clean the drains in the bathroom, both in the shower and under the sink.

Windows should be washed inside and out where possible.

All bulbs must be active in lights. It is best to buy the small round bulbs in the under-cabinet lights from Ikea or Rafkaup.

All the keys that the tenant has had must be returned.


Allocation rules of HR

Allocation rules for Reykjavík University's student apartments at Nauthólsvegi 83 and 85, 102 Reykjavík.

The University of Reykjavík (hereafter abbreviated HR) owns and operates the building in question, which is listed on the website of the Student Association (hereafter abbreviated BN),

The students' building association is in charge of administration and supervision of the rental of the apartments f.h. HR.


Chapter 1. General conditions.

1.1 Right to residence.


Those who fall under the conditions of these allocation rules have the right to apply for, be allocated and keep accommodation at HR. Only those who study regularly with HR, show normal academic progress, pay their bills and abide by the house rules and other rules set by HR regarding social interaction etc. can receive an assignment. in the company's premises. You can only have one application active per social security number.


1.1.1 Icelandic students


For Icelandic students, the rules apply that priority for allocation is one in four who do not have legal residence in the capital area. This percentage is revised as the number of apartments increases.


1.1.2 Foreign students


A certain number of foreign students shall have priority in the allocation of 20 rental units; single room with shared facilities and individual apartment.


1.1.3 Income and property limits


HR's apartments at Nauthólsveg are built on the basis of the law on public apartments no. 52/2016. Tenants must be below the income and property limits cf. Article 10 of the law and regulation no. 183/2020 with subsequent amendments. Tenants declare when making the application that they are below the aforementioned thresholds.

1.2 Member schools.
Students of the University of Reykjavík have priority, but students of other universities and others have the right to residence according to what these allocation rules state. Examples are the University of Iceland's Faculty of Education, the Iceland University of the Arts and the University of Technology.
1.3 Allocation and priority of allocation.
Accepted applications for apartments and rooms are prioritized according to these allocation rules.
1.4. Normal academic progress, etc.
1.4.1. Normal learning progress.
HR is authorized to require that applicants/tenants who have started studies demonstrate normal academic progress, but normal academic progress is considered to be that the applicant has completed each year, or term, if applicable, at least 2/3 parts of the program that the respective department/school considers to be a one-year, or one-semester, program.
1.5. Exemption wishes of the applicant.
If the applicant wishes for HR to grant an exemption from these rules due to social circumstances, he must, with his application, submit an opinion from the social affairs committee in the relevant municipality. When assessing social conditions, the applicant's current housing, number of children, state of health and ability to work must be taken into account, among other things. Exemption requests are processed according to article 10.2.



Chapter 2. Rental period.

2.1 Temporary leases.


Rental agreements for the premises are always temporary.


2.1.2 Single rooms/apartments, couple and family apartments


Individuals can apply for single rooms, single apartments or duplexes. Childless couples can apply for couple apartments. If both applicants are studying full-time in HR, they have priority over other applicants and both must meet the requirements for credits, see article 7.2 for details. Students with children can apply for 2-3 bedroom apartments.


A parent with joint custody of a child/children where the legal domicile of the child/children is with the other parent, can also apply for an exemption for a family apartment, which is processed cf. article 10.2. Confirmation from the sheriff's office of joint custody must be submitted. In special cases, a visitation agreement can be taken into account, if such an agreement gives a correct picture of the applicant's family situation.


2.2. Rental period


2.2.1. Leases are concluded for one year at a time.


The lessee and the lessor are bound by the contract for the duration of the lease, although the lessee can terminate it with at least three months notice, starting from the beginning of the next month. However, the landlord can accept shorter notice if there are special reasons, but not less than one month from termination.


When assigning rooms, it is permitted to make agreements for a shorter period of time, especially in the case of foreign students who stay here for part of the year.


2.3. Maximum stay.


The maximum length of stay in HR housing can be equal to the normal study period of the relevant program, minus the study units that have been completed when the applicant is allocated HR housing for the first time, however no longer than six years. HR can grant an exemption in accordance with the provisions of these rules. Re-enrollment in a program does not extend the maximum stay compared to the previous program.


Chapter 3. About applications, application deadlines, etc.

3.1. Submission of applications.


3.1.1. How to apply for housing.


You must apply for an apartment or room using the application forms published on the BN website ( and only electronic applications are accepted.


3.1.2. Applications and waiting lists.


Accepted applications go to the appropriate waiting list, within a priority group, according to these rules, in the order in which they are received. Waiting lists are those reported in section 6.


3.1.3. Receiving applications.


The date and time the application is received are recorded electronically in BN's application system.


All communication between the applicant and BN is carried out electronically through the email address provided on the application. If the applicant has comments on the evaluation of the application or the allocation, he must submit a comment to BN within five days from the acceptance of the application or from the allocation being made.


3.2. Application period.


3.2.1. Application deadlines in general.


Applications for housing must be submitted in electronic form on the website of the Students' Association, The applicant is responsible for the application being correctly completed and confirmed with a reference number.


3.2.2. Application for reallocation.


Tenants who wish to reassign housing are obliged to submit an electronic application on the BN, website, three months before the end of the current lease.


3.2.3. Freshman applications.


New students can apply from June 1 each year, after they have registered to study at the schools listed in art. 1.2. in these rules, and their application has been approved by the respective school. If confirmation of school accommodation is available at another time, the person may apply for accommodation.


3.3. Authorization to verify information.


By submitting an application, the applicant authorizes BN to verify the information that appears on the application or its supporting documents. Therefore, BN is, among other things, may obtain information from the National Register, Statistics Iceland, the relevant school and tax authorities to verify income and asset limits.


Chapter 4. Applications that are permitted or required to be rejected.

4.1. Incomplete applications.


An application may be rejected if it is considered insufficient in any way or if the information provided in the application turns out to be incorrect. In such cases, the application falls out of the BN application system and is therefore rejected.


4.2 False information.


4.2.1. For allocation.


If the information provided in the application or accompanying documents turns out to be incorrect, the application shall be rejected. An application may be rejected if it is considered insufficient in any way or if the information provided in the application turns out to be incorrect. The application must also be rejected if the applicant is not studying at HR or a member school.


4.2.2. After allotment.


If it turns out after the allocation has been made, but before the rental agreement is concluded, that the information provided in the application or accompanying documents turns out to be incorrect, the allocation will thereby become invalid. If, in such a case, a lease agreement has been signed, the lease agreement is immediately void. If an apartment/room has been granted acceptance, the lessee is obliged to vacate the premises immediately after he receives a written notice of cancellation from BN if he has been granted acceptance of a room/apartment.


4.3. Applicant's lack of transparency.


The application will not be accepted if the applicant owes rent for one month or more due to their accommodation. It is also possible to reject an application if the applicant has previously stayed in a student apartment but was rejected due to non-compliance with the contract, lack of credits or non-payment. Applications for an intermediate move to a larger apartment will be rejected if the applicant is in arrears. This provision also applies to the renewal/extension of leases and new leases.


4.4. Violation of the rules.


If the applicant has been evicted from the premises due to violations of laws or regulations, his application may be dismissed. If illegal activities are carried out in the apartment by the tenant or someone on his behalf, the lease agreement may be terminated immediately and the tenant must vacate the apartment immediately after receiving a written challenge to that effect.


Chapter 5. Processing of applications and communication between applicants and BN.

5.1. Administration.


The BN office takes care of all communications and all administration regarding applications, i.a. receiving applications and supporting documents, accepting applications, rejecting and prioritizing applications according to the provisions of these allocation rules on behalf of Reykjavík University.




5.2. Valid application.


Once the application has been approved, the application enters the selected waiting list, cf. section 6., but the applicant must confirm it regularly according to art. 5.4.


5.3. Electronic communication.


All communication between the applicant and BN takes place electronically at the email address provided by the applicant in the application.


5.4. Regular confirmation that the application is valid.


Once the application has been approved, the applicant must confirm, between the 1st and 5th of each month, that his application is valid on the relevant waiting list. Attention is drawn to the fact that if an application is not confirmed in accordance with the above, it will automatically be deleted from the application system and the applicant will then be dropped from the waiting list.


5.5. The applicant receives an offer for the allocation of housing.


If the applicant has been allocated housing, he must confirm his acceptance within 48 hours of the allocation. If such confirmation has not been received within the prescribed period, the allocation will be cancelled. When signing the contract, the tenant must pay a non-refundable administration fee (see article 5.6), which is collected on the first rent slip of each rental period according to BN tariff and this fee is also paid every year ie. when renewing/extending contracts.


5.6. Administration fee.


When the applicant confirms an offer for the allocation of housing, cf. art. 5.5., he agrees to pay an administration fee which is now ISK. 5,000 and is paid with the first invoice after the lease has been signed.




5.7. Applicant's comments.


If the applicant wishes to present complaints or comments, regarding the processing of the application or other matters, he must send a written message to the BN office, cf. art. 10.2., in these rules. Chapter 6 Waiting list.

6.1. Registration on the waiting list.


When an application is accepted, it is automatically added to the waiting list, but the applicant himself is responsible for maintaining the waiting list registration with regular confirmation, cf. art. 5.5.


6.1.1. General priority on the waiting list.


The applicant who is at the top in each case, on the relevant waiting list, has priority for housing that becomes available, if he has not previously rejected an apartment in the same apartment category.


6.1.2. Special social conditions.


It is allowed to deviate from the ranking on the waiting list or put a new applicant on the waiting list if there are special social conditions. In those cases, the ruling from the HR ruling committee shall be the basis, see section 10.2.


6.2. Applications for transfer.


All applications for transfer within the housing system are placed on the relevant waiting list.




6.3. Leaving the waiting list.


The third time an applicant rejects an offer for housing, he/she is dropped from the relevant waiting list.


6.4. Update.


If the applicant does not wish to be registered on the waiting list, or if he drops out of the waiting list for some reason, those who are lower move up one place on the respective waiting list.


Chapter 7. Priority.

7.1. Prioritization of approved applications.


Accepted applications for housing are ranked in order of priority according to the rules of this chapter, cf. although the provisions of art. 6.1.2.


Applications for housing in Háskólagörður must be ranked in order of priority according to the rules below, with the exception of ¼ apartments for students with legal residence outside the capital area (see also article 1.1). If the applicant has canceled his previous allocation, he will not be given priority according to the below, but the application must be treated as a new one.


7.1.1. Single room.


A: Existing residents applying for continued tenancy in the same apartment.


B: An applicant who is studying at HR.


C: An applicant who is in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


D: An applicant who is already in an apartment and applies to move to another apartment. (moves to every third place on the waiting list)


E: The applicant is studying but not in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


F: Other applications.


7.1.2. Individual apartments.


A: Existing residents applying for continued tenancy in the same apartment.


B: An applicant who is studying at HR.


C: An applicant who is in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


D: An applicant who lives in an apartment and applies to move to another apartment. (moves to every third place on the waiting list)


E: The applicant is studying but not in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


F: Other applications.


7.1.3. Semi-detached apartments


A: Existing residents applying for continued tenancy in the same apartment.


B: An applicant who is studying at HR.


C: An applicant who is in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


D: An applicant who lives in an apartment and applies to move to another apartment. (moves to every third place on the waiting list)


E: The applicant is studying but not in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


F: Other applications.


7.1.4. Family apartments.


Only for allocation to couples/cohabitants with child/children


A: Current residents at BN, who apply for continued rent in the same apartment.


B: An applicant who is studying at HR.


C: The applicant is in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


D: An applicant who lives in an apartment and applies to move to another apartment. (moves to every third place on the waiting list)


E: Applicant studying but not in a member school cf. art. 1.2.


F: Other applications.


Chapter 8. Requests for relocation within the housing system.

8.1. Leases tied to the name of the assignee.


Lease agreements are tied to the name of the allottee, and lessees are not permitted to exchange, or agree to exchange, apartments/rooms within the housing system among themselves.


8.2. Transfer requests.


If the tenant/tenants wish to move between apartments/rooms, the person concerned must submit a new application and the application will be evaluated and the allottee can approve the move against payment of a moving fee. With the application, the lessee must include explanations/reasons for the relocation request.


8.3. Transfer application approved, new allocation.


When the application for transfer is approved and the applicant has subsequently been allocated housing, a new lease agreement must be made for the apartment in question and the rules of Chapter 9 shall then apply, as applicable.


Chapter 9. After allotment, confirmed by the applicant.


9.1. New tenant, beginning of the lease term and validity of the lease agreement.


If the applicant is allocated a room or apartment, he is responsible for paying the rent from the date specified as the starting date of the rental period in the allocation offer. However, the validity of the lease depends on the applicant submitting a properly signed lease, insurance (bank guarantee) and confirmation of school attendance.


9.2. Lease agreement.


If the applicant is allocated a room or apartment, he is obliged to sign, in a satisfactory manner, the rental agreement provided to him. The lease agreement stipulates in more detail the rights and obligations of the lessee and the lessor during the lease period.




9.3. Administration fee.


Along with the payment of the first rental invoice after signing a new rental agreement, the applicant pays an administration fee cf. art. 5.6. An administration fee must also be paid when housing is reassigned.


9.4. Payment of insurance or delivery of bank guarantee.


Before the applicant returns the signed rental agreement, the security deposit must be paid or the original security deposit must be submitted, cf. art. 9.8.1.


9.5. Keys, delivery.


Applicants will not be given keys to a rental property unless they meet the provisions of art. 9.2. - 9.4. within the prescribed time limit.


9.6. Time limit.


If the applicant does not meet the provisions of art. 9.2. - 9.4. within 10 days of receiving a copy of the lease agreement for signature, it is considered that he withdraws his application and the allocation to him is therefore cancelled. The housing will therefore be allocated to another applicant.


9.7. Redistribution


9.7.1. New lease.


If an applicant who lives in HR housing has been reassigned, he must return a signed new lease agreement within 10 days of the new lease agreement being delivered to him.


9.7.2. Insurance renewal and payment of administration fee.


When the rental agreement is returned to the signatory, the lessee must also present a renewed bank guarantee, if he has not paid the security deposit in cash, and pay an administration fee, cf. art. 9.4. 9.7.3. Time limit.


The applicant is obliged to comply with the provisions of art. 9.7.1. and art. 9.7.2. within 10 days of the new lease agreement being delivered to him, if he does not do so, it is considered that the applicant has withdrawn his application for reassignment and he must then vacate the premises according to the date of the current lease agreement, as the premises will be allocated to another applicant.


9.8. Guarantee in cash and/or bank guarantee statement.


9.8.1. Cash security.


Security deposit for apartments/rooms is the equivalent of three months due to unpaid rent, incl. due to interest on arrears and other costs resulting from non-payment, and due to insufficient cleaning as well as damage that may occur to the rented property during the rental period. BN keeps the insurance money in accordance with the provisions of the lease agreement and Act no. 36/1994.


The security deposit is refunded at the end of the rental period with interest in accordance with the Rent Act no. 36/1994, all bills are paid and no damage has been done to the premises or its accessories by the lessee.


9.8.2. Bank guarantee statement.


The applicant may purchase insurance from the applicant's commercial bank. The amounts of liability insurance must be the same as Art. 9.8.1. stipulates.


9.8.3. Cancellation of bank guarantee, return of security deposit.


The bank guarantee does not expire until after an assessment of the rental property, at the end of the rental period, has been carried out and the result of that assessment is that there is no need to take out bank insurance due to damage to the rented property or poor cleaning and it is clear that the lessee is in compliance .


9.9. Delivery of housing at the beginning of the rental period.


9.9.1. Delivery of housing.


The tenant is handed over the premises on the first day of the rental period, provided that the tenant has fulfilled his obligations according to art. 9.2. - 9.4.


9.9.2. Slight delivery delay.


If necessary repairs or renovations are carried out on the premises, it is permitted, despite the provisions of art. 9.9.1., to delay delivery for up to 5 days, without a discount on the rental fee being granted. The lessee must be informed of the expected delay in delivery as soon as possible. 9.9.3. Longer delivery delay.


If delivery is delayed for more than 5 days due to circumstances attributable to the lessor, a discount is given on the rental fee for the time the delivery is delayed beyond 5 days.


9.9.4. Return of housing.


The tenant must always return his premises checked out and finished no later than at 10.00 on the return date or as agreed with BN. If the tenant delays the return of the premises beyond the previously determined time, he must pay 3 days' rent for each day that the return is delayed. If the apartment is left poorly cleaned, the tenant pays the cost of cleaning the apartment in consultation with BN's price list.




9.10. Transfer of tenancy not permitted.


Lease agreements are tied to the names of those who were assigned the relevant housing. Lessees are absolutely not allowed to transfer their rental right, in whole or in part, whether this is for a fee or not. Among other things renters are absolutely not allowed to exchange or agree to exchange rooms/apartments among themselves.


9.10.1. Exchange study.


You can apply for an exemption from subletting for exchange studies to the BN office, if the tenant does not share accommodation with other students. The lessee must submit a formal request for permission to sublet to another student to HR or a member school. The tenant also states whether it is one or two seasons. Although never longer than two semesters. The lessee is not exempt from unit requirements during the exchange program.


9.11. About BN leases.


9.11.1. Binding, temporary leases.


Rental agreements for the premises are always temporary, i.e. made for a specific period specified in the rental agreement and are binding for both parties until that time, as long as neither side fulfills their contractual obligations. 9.11.2. Layoffs.


In special cases, it is possible to agree to the wishes of the lessee to get out of the lease before the end of the lease term. The notice period, if the lessee's request is accepted, is normally three months from the end of the next month, after notice of notice has been given.


9.11.3. Significant non-compliance authorizes cancellation.


If a party to a lease significantly fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, the other party is entitled to cancel the contract and the lessee is then required to vacate the leased property without delay.


9.11.4. More detailed rules.


In more detail, the rights and obligations of the contracting parties are stipulated in the lease agreement.


Chapter 10. Various provisions.

10.1. Confidentiality.


Applications and information accompanying them shall be treated as confidential, and members of the board and employees are bound by confidentiality.


10.2. Comments and disputes.


If the applicant has comments on allocation or other matters, he must send BN a comment within 7 days from the day the incident he wants to comment on took place, or the person became aware of it. That comment must be sent to the HR Decision Committee. The committee consists of 4 members, 1 from HR's management team, 1 from HR's international office, 1 from HR's study counseling and 1 from HR's students. The committee shall take such comments for consideration at the first meeting held after the applicant's comment has been received by BN. The committee resolves all disputes that arise regarding applications, allocations and other matters concerning applicants, lessees and the BN office. Its result is final.


10.3. Revision of allocation rules.


The HR allocation rules are approved by the HR board in accordance with the company's bylaws.




Thus approved at the HR board meeting.